Examples of websites (New & Make-over)

Quotes from customers

"Alex listens to what is said ánd not said. He translated this to concrete and practical, which he flawlessly connects to the end goal: a modern website."

Saskia Cohen

Alex has humor, is sharp and knows how to boil things down to the core. That what was left of my words was exactly what I was meant to say. Super working together!

Christel Rombouts

"I would say: Let Alex surprise you. Due to his humor, patience, knowledge and nice character it was a pleasure working together."

Sabine de Bruijn

"Warm and to the point, that is Alex. Alwyas open for reflection and your own input. He shaped my story much better on my website than I ever could have imagined."

Bianca Procee

"By staying in touch with me we came to a beautiful endresult!"

Maartje van de Sluis

These references are translated from Dutch. If you click on the name you go to their live site.

There are many more on Linkedin. (Also in Dutch)

No more hassles with your Wordpress website

Do you have a website? The answer is probably yes. And if you are here: chances are you want to change it. (Or want a new one.)

Only how much time and knowledge do you have for making one? Website Mentor helps you without any technical mumbo jumbo. (So you can focus on your own work.)

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