Een website Make-over

You already have a website. And would like to change it in some way.

The 4 steps of a makeover are simple to follow. The first two steps are provided without cost.

An average website takes one month to complete. (Only if everything is there in the right formats.)

* Are you in a hurry? For a 50% premium it can be finished within a week.

The four steps of a Make-over

1. Check

How does you current website function? What is strong about it?

What are the weakpoints and what jumps out? (And how can we improve this?)

2. Concept

You get a very rough concept for a frontpage. A first draft, just to have a startingpoint.

Not your cup of tea? We won’t continue.

3. Production

You are happy with the first concept. You sign the contract to continue. Production begins.

During the production we will be in contact regularly.

4. And... Live!

The website is ready. All buttons have been tested.

You are happy and the website can be launched.


Your investment

Every website is different. It all depends on the backside of the website. How many functions do you have? You can get an indication if you look at the prices on ‘a new website’.

Quotes from customers

"Alex listens to what is said and not said. He translated this to something concrete and practical, which he flawlessly connects to the end goal: a modern website."

Saskia Cohen

"I would say: "Let Alex surprise you." Due to his humor, patience, knowledge, and nice character, it was a pleasure working together." 

Sabine de Bruijn

"Alex is warm and to the point. Always open to reflection and your own input. He shaped my story much better on my website than I ever could have imagined."

Bianca Procee

"By staying in touch with me, we came to a beautiful end result!"

Maartje van de Sluis

These references are translated from Dutch.

There are many more on LinkedIn. (also in Dutch)

Results before & after (movies)